Stars Share Photos Of Fans Dressed Like Them For Halloween – SEE PICS

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Fans Halloween Costumes celebrities

By Michael Lewittes


Fans Halloween Costumes celebrities

(Instagram/Miley Cyrus)

Miley Cyrus, Dwayne Johnson, and Kylie Jenner all got a kick out of their fans dressing up like them for Halloween. They liked their fans’ costumes so much they even posted their pictures to Instagram. See the photos below.

Cyrus posted a handful of photos from fans of themselves, and even their dogs, dressed up in wild costumes to look the like singer. She expressed her approval by adding a number of heart emojis next to the photo recreations. Similarly, Jenner put up five fan recreations of her and Tyga, along with a note that simply read, “I love it.”

Johnson also posted two pictures of fans dressed as him from long ago in faded jeans, a black turtleneck, gold chain and Fannypack. One of the impersonators was a man, the other a woman. In a composite of himself in the middle of the two fans, Johnson wrote, “Dude’s confident, chick’s smokin’ and I still look like a buff lesbian.”

Ellen Page, Jenny McCarthy, and Justin Timberlake were among the other stars who retweeted pictures of fans in costumes to look like them. Check out the photos below of fans getting the thumbs up from Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus and Dwayne Johnson for their costumes of the stars, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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