Faizon Love Attacks Bill Cosby Rape Accusers And Critics As “Monkey N**gas”

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Faizon Love Bill Cosby

By Daniel Gates

Faizon Love Bill Cosby

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Faizon Love threw himself into the Bill Cosby controversy on Saturday with a series of extremely provocative tweets about the rape allegations surrounding the comedy icon. Love is an actor and comedian known for roles in movies like Friday, Elf and Couples Retreat.

On Saturday, be became a top Twitter trending topic for a much different reason, defending Cosby against his accusers and calling out members of the black community for rushing to condemn him. And he used some incendiary language in doing it.

Love tweeted, “I see these other house n*ggas chimed in this is why you sorry n*ggas are last in everything this is why… you stand for nothing. This is why your kids are murdered and you march then take your sorry ass to the mall, dumb porch monkeys we don’t need you educated fools.”

He continued, “You sorry porch monkey deserve everything you get… you gonna stand up for this b*tch and and not a man like Mr. Cosby… everytime one of these funky b*tches Say rape you house n*ggas jump on the bandwagon, you mamas and daddys been rapped for 400 years.”

“You monkey n*ggas are so funny,” wrote Love. “Next time one of your kids or your friend, are murdered you cal one of those fake b*tches that was raped better yet call Hannibal Burres,” he added, referring to the comedian whose recent discussion of Cosby’s allegations on stage helped fuel a resurgence of media attention. Love then said, “There children out here being rape you sorry b*tches don’t say sh*t, let some old wrinkled b*tch say a n*gga did you upset f*ck you n*ggas.”

Wow. So… we’re going to mark Love down as being on Cosby’s side in this saga. The way he expressed his support is obviously drawing a lot of criticism. What do you think about Love’s attack on Cosby’s accusers and the people who believe them?

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