Tom Cruise “Secret Gay Life Exposed!” Claims Absurd Enquirer Story (EXCLUSIVE)

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Tom Cruise Gay

By Daniel Gates


Tom Cruise Gay

(National Enquirer)

The National Enquirer claims to have an “exclusive” about Tom Cruise’s “secret gay life” and how it’s about to be “exposed.” But the actual story is neither exclusive nor new, and it’s total speculative nonsense. In other words, it’s what the Enquirer does.

The magazine’s cover promises (1) a new tell-all that supposedly reveals Cruise’s double life, (2) an “explosive court case” that will blow the lid off his “private affairs,” and (3) pictures of Cruise “cross-dressing.” On each point, the Enquirer is misleading readers. First of all, the “tell-all” is not some secret book the Enquirer discovered. It’s a highly publicized new novel (that’s fiction, Enquirer!) by the writer Amy Sohn, and some outlets have speculated that one of the characters, who has fake relationships with women, might be based on Cruise, even though there are also significant differences between the character and Cruise.

So, there’s no tell-all. Second, the “court case” that has the Enquirer all hot and bothered involves a lawsuit involving Marty Rathbun, Cruise’s onetime Scientology auditor. This case has literally nothing to do with Tom Cruise. But the Enquirer notes that because Rathbun and Cruise had dealings many years ago, if the Hollywood star is called to testify, he could face questions about his private life. “It could settle the issue of whether or not Tom is gay,” explains a so-called “insider” for the magazine.

So yeah, this is all meaningless. And then there are the “cross-dressing” photos. The pictures are of Cruise as a child in the 1970s. He’s seen goofing around in a dress as a child, and one of his friends first gave the Enquirer the pictures 20 years ago. There is nothing new or interesting in this entire story. A source close to Cruise dismissed the Enquirer cover story as “ridiculous.” Sounds about right.

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