EXCLUSIVE – Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Relationship A “Publicity Stunt Gone Awry”?

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(The Improper)

By Michael Lewittes


Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Publicity Stunt

(The Improper)

“How Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Betrayed Twilight Fans: Their Love Was a Publicity Stunt Gone Awry,” reads the headline of an entirely fabricated story from TheImproper.

The blog, which has about as much traffic as a deserted island, begins its stupidity this way: “Robert Pattinson finally opened up about his relationship with ‘Twilight’ co-star Kristen Stewart and his answer was nothing short of astonishing. ‘Sh*t happens, you know?’ he said, reportedly with a laugh, in a new interview with the UK edition of GQ magazine.”

Stop. Right. There. Pattinson talked to the UK edition of Esquire not GQ.

Now that Gossip Cop has established that TheImproper is inaccurate, incorrect and incredibly sloppy, let’s look at the rest of the webloid’s drivel. The main premise of the bogus blog is that Pattinson’s remark of “sh*t happens” is somehow proof his past relationship with Stewart was a “publicity stunt,” orchestrated by Summit Entertainment.

According to the site, the film studio “manipulated fans to believe that Pattinson and Stewart shared the same kind of off-screen love” that their characters did onscreen. “The off-screen romance made real believers out of fans, especially tween girls and their moms. They wholeheartedly embraced the ‘Twilight’ saga’s premise, and it had the intended effect,” writes TheImproper.

Ironically, the blog writes that other websites then posted “tantalizing, but ultimately baseless stories about them, crafted out of whole-cloth solely to draw in viewers.” Wait, a minute — that’s exactly what The Improper is doing here. The webloid is trying to get hits out of a completely “baseless” report, claiming that everyone, including fans, are dopes for believing that two young actors fell in love on the set of a movie.

The Improper then goes on to note, “There was nowhere in the world [Pattinson and Stewart] could go where they wouldn’t be recognized… and hounded,” before asking, “Were Rob and Kristen part of one of the greatest frauds of the 21st Century?”

“They were undoubtedly friends, colleagues and maybe even soul-mates because of their shared experience during the ‘Twilight’ frenzy,” writes the site, adding “For a time, they may have even been casual lovers.”

Stop. If you’re a real journalist, you have answers, not phrases like “they may have been.” And the answer is, yes they were lovers. Also, seriously why would two young people give up their prime dating years to be in a “fraud” relationship? And if their relationship was a “publicity stunt,” as ridiculously alleged by TheImproper, why did they hide their romance as much as possible and vacation in less traveled places like the Isle of Wight?

With time having passed, Gossip Cop can say that we actually witnessed them being very sweet together at a small gathering in New York — out of the prying eyes of the paparazzi and fans. Their romance was real. And it was real private — or as best as they could keep it private.

Illogically, The Improper’s supposed evidence Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship was a “publicity stunt” is that “never once during the saga’s five-year run did they comment on their relationship. They let the tabloids fill in the blanks and never even bothered reading them.” Did it ever occur to the bogus blog that they wanted their private life private — and that they didn’t give a “sh*t” about what the tabloids said — or continue to say?

The site, which clearly has no insider info, then speculates, “Once the movies ended, [Stewart] probably rightly assumed her obligations to Summit, ‘Twilight’ fans and Rob were over” and “began an affair with ‘Snow White’ director Rupert Sanders, a married man with two children.”

The Improper notes “they continued the affair… until they were exposed by a paparazzo. It wasn’t supposed to end that way.” Wait, but if it her relationship with Pattinson was a “publicity stunt,” then why undergo an embarrassing incident, which in the real world cost her and Sanders dearly? The Improper doesn’t explain that because its whole premise is, as they say, “baseless.”

“If Rob were truly in love with Kristen and sticking to the tabloid storyline, don’t you think he would have had something more to say? Perhaps some remorse, a wistful remark or some soulful reminiscence of the love he had… and lost,” wonders the webloid. Once again, here TheImproper proves how little it knows about Stewart and Pattinson, who even said on “Good Morning America,” “I’ve never been interested in trying to sell my personal life.”

Anyone who has actually covered the two knows they don’t discuss their private lives. And in that one instance where Stewart felt compelled to talk about her private life — following her mistake with Sanders — she was nothing but remorseful. Remember, she said, “I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused… This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob.”

The fact of the matter is, like stars in the past — and we’re sure many more stars in the future — they fell in love on a movie set. It happens all the time.

Of course, everyone would love to see a happy ending in the movies and in their own real-lives. But when it doesn’t occur, it’s not incumbent on either of the two parties to publicly explain anything about their private lives.

There was no “fraud.” No relationship “contract.” No “publicity stunt.” Simply, it was a romance that didn’t work out between two young people.

And in those instances, after some time has gone by, you know what you say? “Sh*t happens.”

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