Maksim Chmerkovskiy Tells Gossip Cop: My Heart Goes Out To Everyone In Israel And The Ukraine (EXCLUSIVE)

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MaksimChmerkovskiy Ukraine Israel

By Shari Weiss


MaksimChmerkovskiy Ukraine Israel

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy opens up about the situations in Israel, Gaza, and the Ukraine in an exclusive interview with Gossip Cop.

The “Dancing With the Stars” pro was born in the Ukraine to a Jewish father and Christian mother, and both countries remain dear to him.

Speaking to Gossip Cop on Saturday at his one-day only show, Sway: A Dance Trilogy, in Westbury, New York, Chmerkovskiy acknowledges it’s “hard” to see what it’s going on abroad right now.

“My heart goes out to everybody in the Ukraine. My heart goes out to everybody in Israel,” says the dancer, noting, “Israel has been looked at as an aggressor, and maybe it is what it is, but we’ve been oppressed for thousands of years.”

As for his native country, Chmerkovskiy says it’s “unfair” that the Ukraine has had to “give up and give into, literally, an occupation by another country,” as Russia seemingly capitalizes on the dire financial state of its neighboring country.

But Chmerkovskiy stresses that he hates seeing “innocent people get hurt,” no matter whose side they are on, and isn’t sure where he stands on wars and conflicts in general.

“These things are historic events. As we look back two, three, four hundred years ago and throughout history, there’s certain conflicts that actually led to something better. I’m just hoping this is one of those situations,” he says.

Chmerkovskiy goes on, “I’m sorry for everybody in Gaza. I’m sorry for everybody in Israel. I’m sorry for everybody in the Ukraine. I’m sorry for Russian troops that are being told to go in there and do something.”

“But I believe that everything’s solvable,” he continues, “and I believe in a positive outcome at the end of the day. ”

Chmerkovskiy also thinks his work as an entertainer can impact those struggling with the non-stop onslaught of awful news.

“I had a lot of problems with being a dancer, because I didn’t know what it is that I do,” confesses the performer. “And what I’m realizing is that, in the midst of all this, if I can put on a show that entertains and makes the 1,600 people that will see it today better and forget about it, that’s my job.”

“And I’ll do my best,” he adds.

Check back later this week for more from Chmerkovskiy on creating Sway, returning to “Dancing with the Stars,” working with his brother Val, and handling rumors and gossip.

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