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EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Simpson fights back over Star magazine’s Tiger Woods cover; Gossip Cop has legal letter

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By Michael Lewittes


(Star magazine)

(Star magazine)

Earlier in the week, Gossip Cop was the first outlet to expose how the Star’s cover story, linking Jessica Simpson to Tiger Woods, didn’t get anything right other than essentially spelling their names correctly.

And while there was talk that Simpson might seek a legal remedy from the tabloid, Gossip Cop has now EXCLUSIVELY obtained a letter (page 1, page 2, page 3) that the singer’s lawyer shot off to Star asking for, among other things, a retraction.

The letter, addressing the cover story, which was titled, “Tiger & Jessica – The Shocking Inside Story,” begins: “The most ‘shocking’ thing about the Story is Star’s reckless and reprehensible attempt to sell magazines by falsely implicating Ms. Simpson in the current controversy surrounding Tiger Woods’s extra-marital activities, despite the absolute absence of any factual basis to do so.”

And it gets tougher.

According to the legal letter, “Star’s false ‘factual’ assertions in the Story, and the deliberate implications created thereby, are founded on nothing more than rumor, gossip and innuendo spread by supposed ‘source’ that, if they do exist, lack sufficient confidence in their statements to risk public attribution. As such, Star’s publication of the Story constitutes defamation under New York law and finds no protection in the First Amendment.”

Simpson’s attorney then notes that he’s writing on Simpson’s behalf to “demand that Star cease and desist from is (sic) continued dissemination of the Story, and that it publish a prominent retraction.”

The lawyer also boldly states that “every accusation in the Story concerning Ms. Simpson’s supposed interactions with Mr. Woods is entirely false.”

He adds, “The obvious and intended import of the magazine cover, photographs and captions – - i.e., that Ms. Simpson and Mr. Wood (sic) engaged in some sort of illicit relationship – - is not only false, it is utterly beyond the pale or responsible journalism and provides an additional basis for a defamation claim against Star under New York law. Rather than reporting actual events or legitimate news, Star obviously presented and is exploiting the Story for the sole purpose of increasing sales of its magazine by maliciously forcing Ms. Simpson into the glare of the current media scrutiny of Mr. Woods’s personal life.”

Additionally, Simpson’s attorney said the cover story was a “rehashing of supposed events that allegedly occurred more than five months ago, and would hardly constitute ‘news’ – - in any sense of the word – - but for Star’s baseless attempt to link those stale events to the current scandal surrounding Mr. Woods.”

The strongly worded three-page letter ends with “Ms. Simpson hereby demands that Star immediately cease dissemination of the Story and publish a prominent and unambiguous retraction,” but if the magazine doesn’t, “Simpson reserves the right to pursue any and all appropriate avenues of legal redress against Star, and all other responsible parties.”

Gossip Cop sent a note to Star’s attorney, asking for a comment, but we have yet to receive a response.


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