VIDEO: Evan Rachel Wood, Co-Star Can’t Stop Laughing When Asked What They “Love About The ‘D'”

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Evan Rachel Wood the D

By Daniel Gates


Evan Rachel Wood the D

(Fox 2)

Evan Rachel Wood and her Strange Magic co-star Elijah Kelley lost it during a satellite interview on Friday, when Fox 2 newscaster Lee Thomas innocently asked, “Before I let you both go, real quickly… one thing you love about the D?” Watch the hilarious video clip below!

Toward the end of the interview about the animated movie, Thomas decided to ask Wood and Kelley about Detroit, knowing that both of them have spent time there. But by shortening it to “the D,” he inadvertently made it sound like he was asking about another word that is often shortened to “the D.” Here’s a hint: Wood’s last name.

Kelley reacted with loud laughter, while Wood could barely contain her glee. Thomas didn’t know what they were laughing about, and still didn’t when the interview ended and he turned in confusion to his fellow Fox 2 host. They were both baffled. Wood later tweeted about the moment, writing, “This was hilarious! I couldnt stop laughing because I started hearing people in the control room laughing as well.”

Watch the video below to see for yourself. The “[What do] you love about the D?” question comes around the 4:00 mark. It’s glorious.

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