TAB: Eva Mendes “Hot” For Larry David, Ryan Gosling “Jealous”

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By Michael Lewittes

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File this under: Stupidest Story of the Week. The National Enquirer reports that Eva Mendes is “hot” for Larry David.

Yes, the supermarket tabloid claims the stunning girlfriend of Ryan Gosling has a thing for the 65-year-old “Seinfeld” creator, and that Gosling is “seething” over her alleged crush. The magazine says Mendes “tapped out a gushing text to a pal named ‘David,’ and accidentally sent it to the ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star!”

A so-called “insider” tells the mag, “When Ryan found out, he hit the roof!” adding, “To him, Eva’s inadvertent text meant only one thing — Larry David is on her mind.” Yes, you read that correctly. The fake source goes on to allege, “Ryan doesn’t want Eva to think he’s jealous of Larry, but the truth is, he IS jealous of Larry.”

“After all, Larry’s not a bad looking guy and he’s rich,” explains the bogus insider, who notes, “Ryan just hopes Eva will ‘curb her enthusiasm’ for him sooner rather than later.” Wow. Did the Enquirer really just pass off one of its lame puns as a supposed quote from a “source”? Of course, this whole story is a joke.

In fact, Mendes actually revealed during a recent “Conan” interview that she accidentally texted David, and was “mortified” because they’re not close. Oops! Check out the funny video below.


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