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Eva Longoria as “Avengers” Wasp Casting Rumor Wrong

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By Daniel Gates


There has been a ton of speculation and hype around the superhero spectacle that is The Avengers.

And with a cast like this, there’s good reason.

But now a wave of rumors has started about which actors haven’t been announced yet for the movies, including a Fox 411 “exclusive” that Eva Longoria is set to join the franchise as The Wasp.

The “Desperate Housewives” star “is thisclose to starring in the second Avengers film as The Wasp,” according to a Fox “source.”

“Marvel is in negotations with Eva and she is just right for the role,” continues the item. “First, she read for the part, then she went into the studio for camera tests.”

“The team liked her for The Wasp so much that she did green screen work in late spring. She’s perfect in size and attitude. Eva is cute, sexy and full of energy for the part.”

While it’s true that Longoria is “cute, sex and full of energy,” the Fox report is “full” of something else.

Sources close to the production tell Gossip Cop the Longoria as Wasp rumor is “not true.”

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