Erin Andrews Slams Twitter Haters, Especially Those Whose “Avatar Is A Cat”

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Erin Andrews Health 2014

By Michael Lewittes

Erin Andrews Health 2014


Erin Andrews slams Twitter haters who diss her looks.

The “Dancing With The Stars’ co-host acknowledges she has to be “careful” about what she tweets to her 2.5 million followers, but notes it’s not always easy.

In the September issue of Health, Andrews says, “It’s hard when somebody says something and you want to put them in their spot,” explaining, “I’ve gotten ‘You look like Brad Pitt’ or that I look like a bird, and I’m just like, “Really?

She recalls, “I recently tweeted a photo of a David Yurman ring I was wearing, and I didn’t have moisturizer on, and they were like, ‘Your hands look like the old lady from Titanic.’

“But you know what? This is coming from a person whose avatar is a cat,” she says. “So what do you want from me?”

The journalist wishes she could send out tweets like her “hilarious” friend Chrissy Teigen.

“She says what I wish I could say and get away with,” admits Andrews. “You can tell when she’s having a bad day and she’s just on a roll. She’ll send out maybe eight tweets per second, and it’s like, whoa.”

On the subject of her looks, the sports reporter also reveals she would consider getting plastic surgery one day.

Andrews notes, “I’ve never done it, but I’m curious about all of it. I’ve seen great work, and I think we’ve all seen bad.”

“I’m very afraid of doing anything; I feel like I would be obsessive about it, like, ‘Wait, does this look real?’ she says. “I’m sure there will be a time in my life when I’ll want to look into it, but it’s just not right now.”

What do you think of Andrew’s comments?

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