Howard Stern Pays Tribute To Eric The Actor: “I Loved Him” (LISTEN)

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Eric the Actor Howard Stern

By Daniel Gates

Eric the Actor Howard Stern

(Howard Stern)

Howard Stern used his Monday radio show to remember Eric “The Actor” Lynch, a beloved caller and Wack Packer who died at 39 over the weekend.


“I loved him. I truly, truly loved him,” Stern told listeners. “When Eric would call in, I got so excited, because he was the greatest.”

He explained, “What I loved about him, was that here was this guy afflicted with every f*cking, sh*tty thing on the planet, I mean, you couldn’t have gotten worse luck dealt to you. And Eric didn’t view it that way. Eric wasn’t a guy who acted any differently than any of us.”

Lynch was a huge part of “The Howard Stern Show” over the past decade, frequently calling in for long, combative conversations with the amused and fascinated host.

“He beat the odds,” Stern said on Monday, referring to doctors’ predictions that Lynch, who lived with dwarfism and suffered innumerable maladies, would not live past his teenage years.

Stern mentioned the countless celebrity remembrances of “Eric the Actor” on Twitter, and observed how much the celeb-crazed Lynch would have loved the tributes.

Jimmy Kimmel called into the show to honor one of his favorite Stern guests.

“Everything about him fascinated me,” Kimmel told Stern. “I think the fact that Eric had no respect for you whatsoever is what I liked best about him.”

Hear some highlights from Stern’s Eric the Actor tribute below.


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