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Mag Revives Nasty Rumor That Eric Johnson is “Using” Jessica Simpson

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By Daniel Gates


As a rule of thumb, picking through Star magazine’s leftovers isn’t the best way to get a scoop.

But that’s exactly what Us Weekly does on Wednesday, rehashing a lame story Star ran over the summer that claims Eric Johnson is only dating Jessica Simpson to raise his profile.

Former NFL player Johnson “always wanted the celebrity lifestyle,” alleges a “source” for the magazine.

“I believe that Jessica is his way to get famous,” continues the insider.

“He’s using her.”

The athlete, who is divorcing stylist wife Keri Johnson, is supposedly “in it for the perks,” according to Simpson “pals” cited by Us Weekly.

For all the talk about people around the singer not trusting Johnson’s intentions, however, Simpson herself seems smitten and happy, frequently posting photos of her beau on Twitter. Of course, happiness doesn’t sell magazines like drama and intrigue, which is why Star and Us feel the need to sow seeds of suspicion.

A source close to Simpson assures Gossip Cop that nothing has changed since we debunked the initial rumor back in July.

Readers shouldn’t be “using” the tabs as an authority on the perfectly content couple.

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