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TABLOID: Kristen Stewart Fears Emma Watson Will Steal Robert Pattinson

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By Daniel Gates


The rumor mill just pumped out another gem of absurdity.

Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson are allegedly battling for Robert Pattinson.

“The storm between the two Hollywood leading ladies has been brewing for quite some time,” claims Metro, one of many outlets picking up this story from Heat magazine.

“Kristen can be very jealous and possessive, and in her mind Emma poses a threat,” a so-called “source” dishes to Heat.

And exactly what (cough) “evidence” is there for such a premise?

“Rob has commented before on how cute he thinks Emma is,” claims the tab’s source, and Stewart is nervous that Watson would “have more in common” with Pattinson, a fellow Brit.

What’s more, according to the magazine, Watson has tried to “belittle” Stewart with comments about the Twilight films “selling sex” in a way the Harry Potter franchise does not.

It’s like “she’s telling the world Kristen is a bimbo and she’s a real lady with poise and talent,” continues Heat.

Oh, please.

Earlier this month, the very same Heat ridiculously claimed that Stewart treated Pattinson like a “slave.” All of a sudden she’s petrified of losing him to Watson because of comments about the Twilight movies?

Or is it because she supposedly doesn’t “smile” enough, as Heat insisted in yet another hit piece on Stewart?

The tabloid’s spotty track record with the actress aside, the notion that Hermione Granger has targeted Bella Swan is pure Hogwarts.

Even Watson’s own rep tells Gossip Cop the claims are “completely fabricated and without any foundation whatsoever.”

Gossip Cop continues to be impressed by the way Heat shows wizardry in conjuring stories from thin air.

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