Emma Watson Nude Photo Countdown Was Hoax — No Hacked, Leaked Naked Pics

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Emma Watson Nude

By Daniel Gates

Emma Watson Nude

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The alleged threat to leak hacked Emma Watson nude photos appears to have been a hoax.

Earlier this week, following Watson’s stirring feminism speech at the United Nations, a website called EmmaYouAreNext.com surfaced, showing a countdown set to expire at midnight on Saturday and implying that the Harry Potter actress would be the next Hollywood star to have private, naked pics leaked.

Watson’s name had not appeared on the original “master list” of hacking targets, and there was immediate skepticism about whether the whole thing was a prank or publicity stunt.

That seems to be the case.

On Wednesday, the EmmaYouAreNext site began redirecting visitors to something called “Rantic Marketing,” which itself seems to be a fake company.

The site shows an open letter to President Obama, purportedly written by Rantic at the behest of “celebrity publicists,” asking him to help shut down 4chan, the online community where many of the celebrity nudes have surfaced.

It tries to make #shutdown4chan a trend, purportedly to “prevent more private pictures from being leaked.”

Except Rantic is also a fake organization, created by pranksters who have previously hopped on sensational stories to generate attention for its own purposes.

Oh, and the original EmmaYouAreNext countdown was first publicized by Fox Weekly, itself a fake outlet that hoaxers use to help their stunts go viral.

To recap: There are no Emma Watson nudes — and least none that anyone knows about — and the threat to release them was part of an elaborate, confusion stunt.

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