Emma Watson Says She Won’t Date Famous People, Talks Getting Drunk and Breaking Into Hotel Pools

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By Michael Lewittes


Emma Watson won't date famous people

(Elle Australia)

Emma Watson opens up in the new issue of Elle Australia about dating, breaking into hotel pools and getting drunk. The actress, who’s currently in a relationship with Oxford rugby player Matthew Janney, shares, “I don’t date people who are famous.”

Watson says she also feels bad when her fame affects the non-famous people she dates, offering, “I don’t think it’s fair that, all of a sudden, intimate details of their personal life are public as a direct result of me. I wish I could protect them.”

The star goes on to reveal that she’s had a difficult time getting mature roles because of her Harry Potter past. Watson tells the magazine, “In my downtime I don’t sex myself up much. Sometimes I have a hard time convincing directors that I can play more adult roles.”

However, the Brown University student is making moves to break out of her good girl reputation, admitting she recently broke into a hotel pool at 3 a.m. “My friends turned around and basically I was gone,” she shares, adding, “The next thing they saw was me 7 feet up in the air, scaling the fence. I shouldn’t be able to get away with what I’m getting away with.”

Watson also says she’s “throwing a huge party and getting very drunk” when she graduates from Brown in the spring.

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