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Emma Stone and Andy Samberg Host “Technology Hump” Show on SNL (VIDEO)

By Michael Lewittes



Emma Stone and Andy Samberg ended “Saturday Night Live” with a sketch in which they hosted a TV program called, “We’re Going to Make Technology Hump.”

No ambiguity or deception here. The skit was about electronic devices, like a Droid and a digital camera, having sex.

Featuring porno flick dialogue and cheesy music, the different types of technology “hump.”

Other vignettes had a video game controller and an iPad engaging in a couple of different positions, and a curling iron dripping hot wax on, as well as whipping, a GPS navigation screen.

Throughout the sketch, the “Technology Hump” hosts offer commentary like, “That was hot.”

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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