Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone On The Rocks Because She’s a “Shopaholic”?

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By Daniel Gates


Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s relationship is in trouble, claims Star magazine.


A “source” tells the magazine that Garfield has accused Stone of “being a shopaholic.”

“She has been spending money like water, and it really bothers Andrew,” claims the Star insider. “They’re both worth millions — but while Andrew is very frugal and practical, Emma is the complete opposite.”

The “tattler” goes on to explain, “She always wants to go to the most expensive restaurants, and when it comes to tipping, she never leaves less than 50 percent.”

According to the Star source, Garfield is now “second-guessing his decision to move forward with the relationship.”


Let’s get this straight: Andrew Garfield might end things with Emma Stone because she tips well.

Even though they’re both wealthy, and despite the fact they’ve been in a happy, long-term relationship during which he presumably noticed her generosity before now.


Maybe Star is just frustrated that Stone and Garfield are still together nearly a year after the magazine falsely suggested he cheated on her.

A source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop the latest Star story is “absurd.”

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