Emily Maynard’s Texas Move Has Site “Just Playing Games”

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By Daniel Gates


Emily Maynard can’t win. No matter how happy she and “Bachelor” Brad Womack seem, outlets keep insisting it’s just an act, and that they’re doomed as a couple. RadarOnline now joins the fray, alleging that “friends” fear Maynard is stringing Womack along and “just playing games.” What makes them so sure?

Well, Maynard agreed to move to Austin, Texas, where Womack lives. Somehow, this supposedly spells trouble. According to a so-called “source,” Maynard is only moving “because she is tired of the pressure from the fans.”

Just to be clear: If Maynard did not move to Austin, it’d be because she’s “playing games” with Womack. But now that she is uprooting for him, it’s supposedly… because she’s “playing games.” Since Radar doesn’t have any actual reason to justify fears that Maynard is stringing along her fiance, the site covers itself by including a “source” who says, “They are definitely still together.” Well played.

In any case, a source close to the couple assures Gossip Cop there’s “no truth” to talk that Maynard is moving for the fans’ benefit rather than Womack’s. The reality show’s track record demonstrates that not many “Bachelor” couples stay together forever, but there’s no evidence that Maynard and Womack are putting on a facade.

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Emily Maynard is playing games and stringing Brad Womack along.

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