Emily Blunt & John Krasinski Play Epic Holiday Prank On Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

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Emily Blunt John Krasinski Jimmy Kimmel Prank

By Michael Lewittes


Emily Blunt John Krasinski Jimmy Kimmel Prank


Emily Blunt and John Krasinski played an epic Christmas prank on Jimmy Kimmel during her appearance on Monday’s show. As Kimmel explained, Blunt and Krasinski are his neighbors and close friends, and for years the late-night host and the couple have been trying to outdo one another with holiday pranks.

It all started when Blunt and Krasinski used the spare key Kimmel had given them to “break into” his house and set up a light display featuring Santa and a snowman. Kimmel retaliated by installing a neon insurance sign on Blunt and Krasinski’s home, but it didn’t stop there. Other pranks included a zombie placed in Kimmel’s garden and a fake 26-foot reindeer complete with real poop set up on Blunt and Krasinski’s property. But Kimmel came up with a joke so elaborate that he thought it would finally put an end to the back and forth.

“Rather than wait for them to do something to me first,” he told the audience, “I decided to end this once and for all by taking it to an entirely different level. While John and Emily were out, we gift wrapped their house.” Kimmel and his crew covered every inch of their house with wrapping paper and bows, including their doors. When Krasinski came home from work, he was greeted by carolers.

Kimmel was convinced his prank couldn’t be topped, until he left work one night and found his entire car gift wrapped, including the handles. “Oh no. What did John Krasinski do to me?” he asked as he approached his car. When he peeled off the wrapping paper, he learned that his entire car was filled to the brim with holiday ornaments that came pouring out as soon as he opened the doors. “It’s very impressive, you son of a b*tch,” Kimmel told the camera filming the ordeal.

“Eventually one of us is going to have to move,” Kimmel told the audience, adding, “I wonder if I can have Emily deported.” Guillermo then offered to take her to Mexico with him. When Blunt joined Kimmel on Monday’s show, she explained the latest pranks were a combination of her and her husband’s ideas. “We went through a couple of options and decided to just do all of them,” she said.

She showed on the show footage of Kimmel walking to his car and, once again, finding it gift wrapped, but this time carolers stepped outside of the vehicle. The group was then joined by a woman with a reindeer. After seeing the footage, Blunt noted that people singing at him is Kimmel’s nightmare. The comedian thanked Blunt for not putting the reindeer in his car. “John actually wanted that,” she said, adding that she had to explain to her husband that reindeer wouldn’t be able to sit in the backseat of the car.

Blunt continued, “I don’t think we can stop at that, and I just want to take a quick look live at your car.” The cameras then cut to Krasinski dressed as Santa, standing next to Kimmel’s gift wrapped car. “I am going to take this for a spin because I needed a sleigh to give away all of your stuff,” Krasinski told Kimmel. Kimmel was panicked as Krasinski threatened to give away his computer and other personal belongings that he and Blunt took from inside his house. But before the actor could give away Kimmel’s possessions, Krasinski got into the covered car and crashed it into a pole, and then while backing it up, slammed into another vehicle in the parking lot, all before a piano fell from the sky onto the host’s car. “How much money did that cost?!” Kimmel asked. “So much money!” replied Blunt. Check out the insane video below, and tell us what you think!

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