CLAIM: Emilia Clarke Caught In Love Triangle Between Kit Harington And Cory Michael Smith

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By Daniel Gates

Kit Harington Emilia Clarke Cory Michael Smith dating

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“There may be an epic battle on the horizon over “Game of Thrones” beauty Emilia Clarke because Cory Michael Smith and Kit Harington are vying for her attention,” reports Star. According to the tabloid, Clarke has “been dating” Smith since last year and “recently developed strong feelings for Kit.”

“Emilia has been telling friends that they would make a cute couple,” a so-called “insider” tells Star. With Harington supposedly making it clear “that the feeling is mutual,” says the magazine, Clarke is “at a crossroads over who to choose.” “She’s very comfortable with Cory but is completely enamored by Kit,” explains a “source” for the tabloid. “You can see that those two are on a collision course with romance.”

This is all very dramatic, and much like “Game of Thrones,” it’s all fantasy and untrue. Clarke and Smith are NOT dating and never have, despite Star’s premise. The constant rumors about her being in relationships with various co-stars really need to end. There is no love triangle brewing among her, Smith and Harrington. A source close to the situation tells us the report is totally off base. “It’s not even remotely close to being true,” adds our impeccable insider.

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