TAB: Ellen DeGeneres Launches “Scathing War of Words” Against Kris Jenner

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Ellen DeGeneres

By Shari Weiss

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Ellen DeGeneres has launched a scathing war of words against new kid on the block Kris Jenner,” declares the National Enquirer. According to the supermarket tab, after Jenner’s new talk show reportedly beat DeGeneres’ in the ratings in some markets, the comedienne was “hopping mad and telling pals that reality star is going to give talk shows a bad name.” “She’ll make a mockery out of talks shows because she doesn’t care about her guests. She only cares about herself,” DeGeneres allegedly said, claims an Enquirer snitch.

DeGeneres supposedly pointed out Jenner’s premiere episode trick, where she pretended to debut daughter Kim Kardashian’s month-old baby, only to reveal the tot actually belonged to her stylist, as proof that “Kris is only thinking about ratings.” The Enquirer further claims that the Emmy winner is also “criticizing Kris for enlisting a guest co-host on every show,” allegedly believing that the tactic is “because she doesn’t have the personality to carry a show herself.”

And DeGeneres has a problem with Jenner off-screen as well, reports the tab. “She doesn’t believe Kris sets a good example for teenage girls seeing how the Kardashian kids are spoiled rotten,” says the mag’s “source,” who claims that DeGeneres is also peeved that the family “wears fur and buy their puppies from pet shops instead of rescuing.” Adds the alleged Enquirer insider, “Ellen doesn’t think Kris cares about anything except making money and keeping her family in the spotlight.”

Enough! DeGeneres has NOTstarted a “war” with Jenner over her talk show, just like Sharon Osbourne hasn’t either. An actual insider tells Gossip Cop the entire Enquirer story is “complete BS,” and notes that DeGeneres “probably hasn’t even seen” Jenner’s new show, because the Emmy Award-winning talk show host has been off “enjoying her summer.” Maybe it’s time for the Enquirer to get better DeGeneres sources, having wrongly reported stories about the comedienne over and over.

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