Ellen DeGeneres Tries To Scare Jimmy Fallon In Bathroom – WATCH VIDEO!

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Jimmy Fallon Scared Ellen DeGeneres

By Daniel Gates


Jimmy Fallon Scared Ellen DeGeneres

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Ellen DeGeneres scared Jimmy Fallon on Friday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Well, she tried to scare him. Fallon was lured into a bathroom backstage, where DeGeneres was crouching down, prepared to startle him. It didn’t go exactly as planned. Watch the video below!

As viewers know, DeGeneres loves nothing more than to scare her staffers and guests. Sometimes it happens in the show’s offices, and sometimes it happens on stage. As a talk show host himself and friend of DeGeneres, Fallon came to the show wary of potential shenanigans. So when he was instructed to check out a picture DeGeneres had allegedly hung in a bathroom, Fallon was skeptical.

In the hidden camera footage, we see Fallon slowly and cautiously walk toward the bathroom, where DeGeneres is waiting to pounce. As he enters, Fallon spins toward DeGeneres and gives a yell, just as she does the same. He still falls to the ground in half-terror, even though he suspected something all along. “You’re not mean-spirited, just a little cruel,” Fallon tells DeGeneres, after her stunt.

In their interview, Fallon tells a very funny story about being heckled by his dad during his first “Tonight Show” monologue. Watch the video below, and tell us what you think!

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