MAG: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi “On The Rocks” Over Jealousy, Real Estate

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By Daniel Gates

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Ellen DeGeneres’ five-year marriage to Portia de Rossi is on the rocks over the talk-show queen’s flirting, workaholic ways and real estate addiction,” reports the National Enquirer, which said the exact same thing a year ago and continues to embarrass itself with demonstrably false stories about the couple. This time, the magazine blames Olivia Munn.

The actress appeared on DeGeneres’ show earlier this month, and the Enquirer claims it caused major problems when Munn and the host joked about hanging out together.” After Olivia’s latest appearance on the show, Portia tried to talk to Ellen about how uncomfortable it makes her feel when she flirts with her guests,” says a so-called “source” for the Enquirer. The tab insider continues, “But as soon as Portia started pouring out her heart, Ellen shut her down and told her to ‘just deal with it.'”

De Rossi is also allegedly fed up with DeGeneres’ long work hours and “fixation with real estate.” “Ellen and Portia have moved nine times in less than nine years,” explains the Enquirer source. “She’s become a serial house-flipper. But Portia is sick of the constant moving. She wants to put down roots in one place and stay there.”

The outlet’s tipster says that it was clear at DeGeneres’ brother’s wedding last month that she and de Rossi have “drifted far apart. Even when they’re together, they fight like cats and dogs.” But just like previous Enquirer reports about the couple, this one is pure fiction. “They’ve never been more in love,” a source close to DeGeneres and de Rossi tells Gossip Cop. “Portia loves real estate just as much. They both have a passion for houses and each other.” We’re told that talk of a split is 100 percent false.

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