CLAIM: Ellen DeGeneres Is Secretly Mean

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By Daniel Gates

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Ellen DeGeneres is all sweetness and light on camera — but sources say that behind the scenes, the 56-year-old star is the queen of mean!” cries the National Enquirer, underneath a headline proclaiming, “How Ellen Fooled America!”

Yes, after falling flat with several outrageously wrong stories about DeGeneres in the first couple months of this year alone, the Enquirer is getting even more shameless and desperate.

“Ellen has pulled the wool over her fans’ eyes!” an “insider” tells the outlet, which claims to have “uncovered the shocking truth about America’s so-called sweetheart and her off-screen diva tantrums, ugly celebrity bashing and strife in her personal life.”

There are some very entertaining quotes from the person the Enquirer calls a “source.” The tipster says, “While she acts like she’s the sweetest woman in Hollywood, Ellen is actually cruel and cranky to nearly everyone around her.” “Instead of hosting the Academy Awards, Ellen should win one,” continues the Enquirer insider. “She fakes it for the camera and has managed to convince America that she’s the nicest woman in showbiz.”

So what’s the (supposed) truth about DeGeneres? “She’s a monster,” claims the tab’s source. “She routinely rages at underlings and takes her frustrations out on the staff.”

The Enquirer accuses DeGeneres of throwing a bottle of water, calling stagehands “incompetent,” becoming furious if the temperature on set isn’t right, instituting a “no eye contact rule” with employees, berating her writers when jokes bomb, and complaining about her celebrity guests. “Her staff lives in fear of her,” claims another Enquirer “source.”

Gossip Cop checked in with a production insider — who laughed at the allegations. According to the Enquirer, DeGeneres is also “phonier than a $3 bill” because she “feigns friendship with several hot stars but the truth is she couldn’t care less about them — unless there’s something they can do for her.”

The tabloid’s insider goes on to allege that the star “sets traps” to see if her housekeepers are keeping her home as clean as possible. “One time Ellen climbed up a ladder and sprinkled bread crumbs in a hard-to-reach nook and then waited to see if the mess was cleaned up,” claims the person who apparently follows DeGeneres everywhere she goes at home and the office. “When the housekeepers admitted she missed the spot, Ellen went nuclear and threatened to fire the woman if she ever made a similar mistake again.”

Then the Enquirer delves back into the same wrong Portia de Rossi relationship problems story it’s been peddling for years.

The latest version is boring and interminable, offering nothing new. At some point, will the Enquirer admit its sources are clueless about DeGeneres? Because this is embarrassing and sad. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the latest report is “just another baseless Enquirer hit piece.”

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