Ellen DeGeneres Pranked With Matt Lauer’s Balls — WATCH FUNNY VIDEO!

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Ellen DeGeneres Matt Lauer Balls Video

By Shari Weiss


Ellen DeGeneres Matt Lauer Balls Video


Matt Lauer pranked Ellen DeGeneres with his balls. 20,000 of them to be exact. Check out the funny video below!

For those unaware, DeGeneres has spent the last few weeks pranking Lauer and his “Today” co-stars, including Al Roker. One of the running gags has featured DeGeneres manipulating footage from the morning talk show to make it appear as if Lauer is dressed in bondage gear and has a secret foot fetish. But even though DeGeneres warned Lauer, “You can’t beat me at this,” he still set off on “mission: revenge.”

While DeGeneres was finishing a taping of her own talk show on Wednesday, Lauer had people filling her car outside the studio with 20,000 ping pong balls… and a cardboard cutout of himself. DeGeneres was thoroughly confused when she emerged and saw her car filled to the brim, and when she opened the door, hundreds of the tiny plastic balls came rushing out. “Damn you, Matt Lauer!” exclaimed the talk show host.

The two then FacedTimed as DeGeneres took in the scene, and she hilariously told him that she was planning on having a beer pong tournament and needed 20,000 ping pong balls, “so the joke’s on you.” Lauer responded, “You have to admit, Ellen, it took a lot of balls to pull off this prank.” Indeed it did, and now DeGeneres plans to up things even more. “Now it’s on. Before it was fun and games. It was jokes. But now, it is ON, Lauer,” she told him. Check out the video below!

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