Ellen DeGeneres Makes Producer Walk Through Haunted House, He Pees Pants

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Ellen DeGeneres Haunted House

By Shari Weiss


Ellen DeGeneres Haunted House

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Ellen DeGeneres loves scaring her executive producer Andy Lassner, and on Thursday’s show she again made him navigate through a haunted house. DeGeneres says before introducing the clip that scaring Lassner is “so much fun. It’s so funny.” This year the talk show host forced her executive producer and his assistant Jacqueline to brave their way around the “Dracula Untold” maze at Universal Studios Hollywood. “I would like to tell you that they handled themselves with grace and dignity, but that would be a lie,” says a giddy DeGeneres.


Before Lassner and his personal assistant begin their journey through the haunted house, he explains that he’s only doing this for “Ellen’s twisted personal amusement.” And with that, the two begin very tentatively walking through “Dracula Untold” as they are greeted by all sorts of terrifying ghouls. For a good part of them wending their way through the haunted house, Lassner hides behind his assistant, and at one point is so scared, he admits, “I just peed.” Later on in the clip, after Lassner yells at the frightening figures to “stop it,” he confirms he wasn’t lying about peeing in his pants. Eventually, the two made it out of the maze unscathed, but his reactions and commentary throughout are priceless.

As Gossip Cop reported, last year DeGeneres also made Lassner go through a haunted house, with cameras capturing every single horror and fright. The executive producer lost it, and the clip went viral. It was such an entertaining success that DeGeneres made him go through another one a few days later, just so everyone could see his hysterical reactions.

Earlier this month before his trek through “Dracula Untold,” DeGeneres tormented Lassner by using an extremely creepy Annabelle doll to startle him.

Check out the latest video below of Lassner and his assistant getting spooked!

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