Ellen DeGeneres In Trouble With Portia De Rossi For Drew Barrymore Fat Joke?

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By Daniel Gates

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Ellen DeGeneres is in deep trouble with wife Portia de Rossi after she jokingly called mom-to-be Drew Barrymore ‘fat’!” claims the National Enquirer. According to the outlet, DeGeneres’ “flippant jab about Drew’s weight has put her already rocky marriage to Portia at risk.”

Um, about that “rocky marriage” — that’s an Enquirer fantasy. The tabloid said the exact same thing more than a year ago and continues to embarrass itself with demonstrably false stories about the couple.

But that doesn’t stop the Enquirer from now citing an “insider” as saying that de Rossi was “in tears and lit into Ellen for being insensitive” about Barrymore’s pregnancy weight at the People’s Choice Awards earlier this month.

“She screamed at Ellen that she needs to be a better champion of women of all shapes and sizes,” says the mag’s source, who was apparently in the room for this intimate exchange. “She couldn’t believe Ellen would fat-shame a pregnant woman and said it was like a knife in her own back.” So, because de Rossi has had eating disorder issues in the past, she was allegedly so upset with DeGeneres’ one joke that their marriage is in crisis?

Barrymore visited DeGeneres immediately after the People’s Choice Awards and clearly had no problem with the talk show host. This is the Enquirer looking for any excuse whatsoever to dredge up its old, tired “on the rocks” narrative about DeGeneres and de Rossi.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop it’s “nonsense.”

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