WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Conan Audience With Christmas Presents After Conan O’Brien Is A Scrooge (VIDEOS)

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Ellen DeGeneres Conan Christmas Video

By Shari Weiss


Ellen DeGeneres Conan Christmas Video


Ellen DeGeneres hilariously upstaged Conan O’Brien on Tuesday’s “Conan,” surprising his audience with Christmas gifts. Check out the videos below!

The extended bit was actually delivered over two nights. On Monday’s episode of “Conan,” an audience member made like she had just come from DeGeneres’ show, where the comedienne’s “12 Days of Giveaways” extravaganza is in full swing. The guest interrupted O’Brien’s show with her new cappuccino machine, courtesy of DeGeneres. She also showed off her other gifts, including an “iPhone 9,” a “pair of Jon Hamm’s used basketball shorts,” and “our own personal Fabio.”

The woman said she couldn’t wait to see what O’Brien would give away, but was stunned when the late-night host told, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I don’t give presents to the studio audience.” Clearly disappointed and confused, she asked in response, “Then why are they here?”

She then called DeGeneres on her “iPhone 9,” and told her, “This cheap pr*ck doesn’t do Christmas. Can you back up my space shuttle?” The show then cut to a huge shuttle outside the studios, and she took off with Fabio. That seemed like that was it, until Tuesday’s show, when O’Brien’s monologue was interrupted yet again by the same woman, showing off even MORE presents DeGeneres gave her.

Conan again said he couldn’t give out any presents, except for the gift of laughter, prompting the guest to declare, “I’ve been here two nights and I haven’t laughed once.” Deeming the host a “monster” and a “creep,” the woman again called DeGeneres, and this time she walked out on stage, much to the audiences surprise and delight.

DeGeneres was surprised that O’Brien never gave any free stuff to his audiences, prompting him to lamely offer a half-eaten package of gluten-free Fig Newtons. But that, of course, couldn’t compare with what DeGeneres had, as she went on to shock the crowd with Beats headphones for each and every one of them. Watch both awesome videos below!

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