Eddie Cibrian “Humiliated” By LeAnn Rimes’ Behavior On Reality Show?

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By Daniel Gates

LeAnn Rimes Crazy

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Eddie Cibrian is “secretly humiliated” by LeAnn Rimes’ “antics” on their reality show, and “it’s causing major problems in their marriage,” claims Life & Style. The tabloid, which has run false stories about the couple for years, says Rimes “knows how to push [his] buttons,” and that her “drunken tirades, crude behavior, [and] inappropriate talk in front of the kids” are embarrassing him.

“It’s nearly broken them up,” a so-called “insider” tells Life & Style. “LeAnn’s been telling friends that Eddie didn’t approve of her behavior on the show. He doesn’t even want to promote it.” Really?

A “family friend” explains to the outlet, “She thinks it’s normal to get into bed and burp and fart under the covers and waft it toward Eddie. He doesn’t want his wife to look that way for the world to see.” Anything else? “At one point on the show, she says something ridiculous about sex to the kids, and Eddie tries to stop her,” adds the Life & Style source. “I’m sure [Cibrian’s ex] Brandi [Glanville] will be furious when she sees it.”

But Cibrian is trapped, alleges the magazine, which explains, “LeAnn bankrolls his lavish lifestyle, and he knows it.” “He’s miserable because he knows he has to be at her beck and call, and it shows,” the pal tells the tabloid. “The show is her show as far as LeAnn’s concerned — she has the final say.”

We love the idea that Cibrian would be upset that his wife sometimes acts wacky on their reality show when that’s the whole basis of reality television. It’s also funny to think that somehow Rimes’ relationship with Glanville will be harmed by the series, since the two women have not exactly been on good terms ever. Even so, a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop that the story about Cibrian being upset with Rimes’ behavior is totally false.

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