Eddie Cibrian NOT “Caught Cheating” on LeAnn Rimes, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Eddie Cibrian Caught Cheating?

By Shari Weiss


Eddie Cibrian Caught Cheating?

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Eddie Cibrian was not “caught cheating” on LeAnn Rimes, despite an untrue report published on Wednesday. A rep for the actor exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the story, published in OK!, is “false” and without any actual evidence to back it up.

According to the magazine, a supposed “back on the prowl” Cibrian “sent a casual, covert text to a mystery woman” in June. “But instead of addressing it to his latest paramour, he accidentally sent it to another contact,” writes the tabloid, which cites a so-called “source” as saying the alleged other woman is a “girl who isn’t famous.” The OK! tipster further claims Cibrian “’emotionally checked out’ of the marriage months ago,” and has been “flirting with a number of women since April.”

Does the magazine have photos of Cibrian with other women? No. Does the magazine have copies of text messages? No. Does the magazine know who the “mystery woman” actually is? No. Does the magazine have any explanation as to why this is coming out now, months after it supposedly happened? No.

None of that, however, stops the magazine and its “source” from predicting Cibrian is “going to intensify his cheating,” and that “it’s just a matter of time before the marriage explodes.” It all adds up to a misleading and flat-out wrong story that simply trades on Cibrian’s past for the sake of a sensational headline. And Gossip Cop is here to “explode” OK!s shoddy “reporting.” A rep for Cibrian tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the article is “false like all their stories,” stressing that readers shouldn’t “believe or trust their made-up stories of lies.” It’s no wonder Rimes herself just slammed OK! a few days ago.

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