Ed Sheeran Lion Chest Tattoo Is Real, Despite “Only Joking” Prank

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Ed Sheeran Lion Tattoo Real Only Joking

By Andrew Shuster


Ed Sheeran Lion Tattoo Real Only Joking


Ed Sheeran’s giant lion tattoo that covers most of his chest is 100 percent real, despite a prank he pulled on fans. On Wednesday, the singer posted a photo of his chest, without the tattoo, along with a message that he was “only joking about the lion.” As you’ll recall, when he first debuted the big cat tat in early August, it received a ton of backlash.

Many fans and media outlets believed Sheeran when he claimed he was “only joking,” and concluded that the lion tattoo was a hoax the whole time. Later in the day, however, Sheeran admitted that he was “only joking” about “only joking,” and that the ferocious feline ink is, in fact, for real.

In an Instagram photo later on Wednesday, Sheeran revealed that the lion tattoo had simply been covered by skin-colored makeup. “Only joking, covered it up for a TV show didn’t I,” explained Sheeran.

Despite many media outlets reporting earlier that Sheeran’s lion tattoo was fake, it’s real and Gossip Cop was not among the lemmings who were duped into thinking it was all a hoax.

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