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Just Released: ‘Eclipse’ Actuals for Holiday Weekend

By Daniel Gates



UPDATE – 7/6/10 – 5:00 PM

The actual box office figures for Eclipse are slightly higher than the estimates provided until this hour.

According to Summit, the movie’s actual four-day North American (Friday through Monday) haul at 4,468 locations was $83.6 million.

The actual 6-day cumulative North American box office stands at $176.4 million.

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UPDATE: – 7/5/10 – 11:00 AM

The numbers are in, and in the first six days since Eclipse was released, the film made $175.3 million in North America.

A serious $9 million came from IMAX screenings.

Gossip Cop will continue to update with new numbers.

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UPDATE: – 7/4/10 – 11:00 AM

The latest numbers are in, and Eclipse will rake in an estimated $89 million for the holiday weekend in North America.

So far the film has made $161 million in North America since its release on Wednesday, and is expected to earn $181 million by the end of the holiday weekend.

Internationally, since opening on June 30, Eclipse has grossed an estimated $100.2 million from 42 territories.

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UPDATE – 7/3/10 – 11:00 AM

Updated estimates give Eclipse a $28.6 million Friday for a cumulative $121.3 million in its first three days of release.

For the standard, three-day weekend (Friday through Sunday), the film is projected to earn $80.2 million. Including Monday, the four-day holiday weekend is expected to gross $106.1 million.

Friday’s top 3 was rounded out by The Last Airbender (approx. $16 million) and Toy Story 3 (approx. $10.9 million).

Updates to come…

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UPDATE – 7/2/10 – 9:20 AM

Estimates put Eclipse at #1 in its second day of release (Thursday), with roughly $25 million in receipts.

The Last Airbender debuted to around $16 million (estimated) for the day, while Toy Story 3 continued to do great business with $8 million (estimated) and third place.

Gossip Cop will update the massive box office as the long holiday weekend progresses…

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UPDATE – 6:24 PM

Despite the focus on the World Cup, so far having only opened internationally in 21 countries – a few yesterday and most today – Eclipse has already raked in $16.2 million.

Gossip Cop will update with breakdowns for each country…


More records…

The newest numbers have Eclipse putting up a $68.5 million total on its first day, breaking the Wednesday opening record of $62 million set by Transformers 2.

The film also had the biggest summer period opening ever, beating Dark Knight ($67.2 million).

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It was a total Eclipse from the start.

The blockbuster third installment of The Twilight Saga opened to more than $30 million on its first night in North America.

It surpasses the previous midnight opening record holder, which was the second Twilight installment, New Moon, at $26.3 million.

It’s too early to know whether Eclipse will top New Moon‘s (full) first day record of $72.7 million.

The movie also set a new IMAX record for midnight grosses with over $1 million from 192 theaters, beating Transformers 2‘s $959,000.

Gossip Cop will have updates…


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