Earl Hayes Rapped About Murder-Suicide Four Years Before He Killed Stephanie Moseley And Himself

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Earl Hayes Song Murder Suicide

By Daniel Gates


Earl Hayes Song Murder Suicide

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Earl Hayes rapped about murder-suicide four years before he committed one, killing his wife Stephanie Moseley and then turning the gun on himself in a horrific scene on Monday. In a 2010 song called “Suicide,” the rapper used lyrics that outlined a situation bearing some eerie similarities to the events of this week. Listen to the song below.

The track was part of his “The First 48” mix tape. It contains lyrics including the following: “I’m not having none of the games you played in the past / Who’s garbage now b*tch [inaudible] you treat me like trash / Driving the car with you next to me, was tempted to crash / Why should I care? I could just kill us both and go out with a smash.”

Hayes doesn’t stop there. After making a reference to committing suicide in a bathtub (where, in fact, Moseley was reportedly killed on Monday), the rapper declares, “So shoot your girlfriend and when you get surrounded by cops / F*ck doing life, shoot it out and do your time on the spot / Just do it you f*cking rookie p*ssy, what is you nervous? / Death holds a purpose they’ll see that at your funeral service.” There’s a lot more. It’s explicit and very creepy given what transpired in real life on Monday.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, cops found Hayes and Moseley dead in their Los Angeles apartment on Monday, and believe he shot her multiple times before ending his own life. Hayes’ friend, boxer Floyd Mayweather, was reportedly chatting with Hayes on FaceTime in the moments before the violence, encouraging him to leave Moseley because of her alleged infidelity.

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