Dwayne Johnson Victim of Death Hoax

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By Michael Lewittes

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Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, was a victim once again of a sick death hoax. On Saturday, the gross pranksters at Global Associated News “reported” that the “actor died while filming a movie in New Zealand.”

According to the sick site, “Reports from New Zealand Police officials indicate that the actor fell more than 60 feet to his death on the Kauri Cliffs while on-set.” It is not true. Johnson is very much still alive, and was tweeting on Saturday from New Orleans. These awful hoaxes have got to stop.

As Gossip Cop reported, Johnson was a victim of an almost identical death hoax in 2011. According to the false report, the actor had “died” while filming a movie in New Zealand after he “fell more than 60 feet to his death on the Kauri Cliffs while on-set.” Sound familiar? Following the disgusting prank, Johnson took to Twitter to let his fans know that he was alive and well. “I would love to meet the person who is starting rumors of my death – to show them how a dead foot feels up their a**,” he wrote. These frequent and ridiculous stories about Johnson and dozens of other celebrities “dying” need to stop.

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