Drake Bell Tweets About Jeremy Bieber Assault Allegations, Then Deletes (PHOTO)

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By Daniel Gates


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Drake Bell fired more shots at Justin Bieber on Saturday, using tabloid allegations that Bieber’s dad Jeremy supposedly kicked a then-teenage girl more than a decade ago.

The former Nickelodeon star has been sniping at Bieber and his fans for years, leading Bieber to “crash” Bell’s album party earlier this week. On Saturday, the Biebers — Justin and Jeremy — tweeted about their bond, triggering Bell’s latest mockery.

Here’s what happened. First, Justin tweeted, “I love you pops @jeremybieber. You’re a great father and my best friend.” The elder Bieber replied, “@justinbieber ty. I am a better man because of you. #love #family.”

A short while later, Bell tweeted, “@justinbieber @JeremyBieber um….” and attached a screenshot of a recent tabloid story headlined, “Justin Bieber’s Father, Jeremy, Drunkenly Kicked a Teenage Girl, Breaking Her Jaw and Leaving Her Unable to Eat.” Bell quickly erased the tweet, but Gossip Cop caught it (see screenshot below).

The story to which Bell refers concerned a woman named Alicia Wadden, who says that Jeremy Bieber assaulted her in 2012, although he was never charged with a crime.

Bell’s tweet-and-delete earned him the scorn of many Beliebers, who thought it was unfair and more evidence of Bell’s “obsession” with Bieber. Many of Bell’s fans, conversely, praised him for continuing to go after the pop superstar.

Check out the screenshot below, and tell us what you think.


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