Dr. Evil Interrupts SNL Cold Open To Mock Sony & North Korea Hacking (VIDEO)

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Dr Evil SNL Cold open sony north korea

By Michael Lewittes


Dr Evil SNL Cold open sony north korea


“SNL” mocked North Korea’s hacking into Sony by having former cast member Mike Myers play his Dr. Evil character from the Austin Powers films. Dr. Evil interrupted the cold open, a fake Christmas special with Sam Smith, to say to Sony and North Korea, “What the f people,” fighting over The Interview?

He added that it was absurd that North Korea’s big “act of war” was hacking Sony? Myers’ Dr. Evil said if the country wanted to “kill a movie, just move it to January.” He also said he knows the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and he’s “not with it… he still has laser discs.” Dr. Evil fourth took issue with the organization’s name, the “Guardians of Peace” or the “GOP.” He said. “There’s already a GOP and they’re already an evil organization.”

Dr. Evil additionally mocked sony saying, “They haven’t has a hit since The Walkman.” He said he saw The Interview, and thought “it was charming,” but if someone wanted to really put a bomb in the theater, “put in The Love Guru,” which starred Myers. Check out the video below of the “SNL” cold open with Dr. Evil taking about the Sony being hacked by the North Koreans and tell us what you think.

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