VIDEO: Don Cheadle and Jimmy Fallon As 1980s R&B Duo “Pleather & Jerry”

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Don Cheadle Jimmy Fallon

By Daniel Gates


Don Cheadle Jimmy Fallon


Don Cheadle and Jimmy Fallon introduced the world to “Pleather & Jerry” on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” The 1980s R&B duo appeared on the musical variety show “American Power Hour,” and Cheadle and Fallon fondly remembered their antics in a series of “clips.” See the video below.

Pleather and Jerry certainly had the style. They certainly had the look. But they may not have had the lyrics, as Cheadle and Fallon explain while reminiscing about the duo’s funky groove.

For instance, Pleather and Jerry seem to sing a lot about having sex in the restrooms at seafood chain restaurants. And having sex in the Chuck E. Cheese’s ball pit. And having sex at Dippin’ Dots. Also, a lot of the references seem awfully tied to the 1980s. There are lines about having sex in front of Cabbage Patch Kids, having sex before watching “ALF,” and having sex in order to catch “Muppet Babies.”

It’s all very strange, especially how out of breath Fallon and Cheadle seem while watching the “old” archival clips Fallon keeps on hand in case of emergency. And the Pleather & Jerry drummer looks a lot like Questlove. Either way, check out the glory that is “Pleather & Jerry” in the video below from the “Tonight Show,” and tell us what you think!

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