VIDEO: Dolphin Plays Catch With Toddler

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Dolphin Boy Playing Catch

By Daniel Gates


Dolphin Boy Playing Catch


Have you ever seen a toddler playing catch with a dolphin? It’s pretty great!

While we’re not thrilled to see this dolphin confined to a pool, as long as the dolphin has to be in the pool, it may as well have some fun and games with an excited little boy, right?

Gossip Cop has recently seen a kitten and donkey cuddling, a little girl meeting a unicorn, a dog dressed as a giant spider as part of a scary prank, a little girl dancing with her pet, and a cat helping a baby fall asleep.

It’s time to add this little kid and his dolphin pal to the list of wonderful things on the Internet.

Check out the adorable video below, and tell us what you think!


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