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Did Robert Pattinson give the Daily Record an “Interview”?

By Michael Lewittes


Two things are for certain:

(1) There is audio of Robert Pattinson discussing sex scenes in “Bel Ami.”

(2) He most assuredly did not grant the Daily Record an interview.

Here is what happened.

Yes, there’s audio of Pattinson, but he didn’t tell the Daily Record, “The sex scenes with Uma are kind of disturbing.”

The full audio, recorded at a recent roundtable discussion with several journalists in London, has Pattinson saying that his character and Uma Thurman’s marry about two-thirds of the way into “Bel Ami,” and “the sex scenes with Uma… if they, if they work out how they are in the script… they’d be like kind of disturbing in a way.”

It’s important to note, though, that the printed comment alters the sequence and wording of Pattinson’s comments.

It’s equally important to Gossip Cop that Pattinson was not interviewed by the Daily Record, and the paper was not among the approved outlets at the roundtable.

When Gossip Cop asked about the circumstances surrounding the audio, one editor at the paper said he was “unaware” if the person who furnished the tab with the audio identified himself as a reporter for the Daily Record. And another editor said whether the writer “identified himself as representing the Daily Record” was “immaterial.”

But it’s not immaterial. Especially since the Daily Record wasn’t an approved media outlet.

The paper was able to print Pattinson’s words (while no other outlet at the roundtable did) because, not having been identified as a participant, the Daily Record did not abide by certain restrictions.

And since it was not an approved outlet, that’s why a Pattinson source told Gossip Cop - correctly – that the star “never spoke to the [Scottish] Daily Record.”

Even Pattinson, according to the source, didn’t know he was being taped by someone who was going to later supply the Daily Record with the (edited) quotes.

So, at the end of the day… yeah, Pattinson said some of what the paper claims — though not word for word, according to the audio — but he had absolutely no idea he was being “interviewed” by the Daily Record.

What do you think – cool or uncool?

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