CLAIM: Dianna Agron “Terrified” of “Psycho” Ex-Boyfriend Alex Pettyfer

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By Daniel Gates

Alex Pettyfer Dianna Agron

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The aftermath of Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer‘s breakup was extremely ugly, according to a sensational Us Weekly rumor. As Gossip Cop reported, the I Am Number Four co-stars recently split, with Agron moving out of the home she and Pettyfer shared. But the magazine claims things got scary for the “Glee” actress as the relationship came to an end.

A so-called “insider” tells the outlet that Pettyfer allegedly became “a psycho loose cannon” after the breakup, leading Agron to flee for a hotel, where another “source” says she’s staying “under an alias.” Pettyfer purportedly got into a “heated confrontation” with actor Sebastian Stan at a West Hollywood club on February 18, explains the magazine, supposedly accusing Stan of getting close with Agron. According to a source for the publication, “Dianna is terrified of [Pettyfer],” who allegedly “threatened” her during a phone conversation.

Threats are obviously serious business, as is the suggestion that someone has reason to fear a “psycho.” But Us Weekly happens to be the same outlet that just this month started the wrong rumor that Agron and Pettyfer were “engaged,” which Gossip Cop promptly debunked. The tabloid fares no better with this Agron-Pettyfer article. A rep for the actor says there were never any threats. More importantly, a source close to Agron tells Gossip Cop that Us Weekly‘s story is “completely false.” It would be refreshing if the magazines could let a relationship end peacefully without feeling the need to create drama.

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