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“Desperate” to Attack Jennifer Aniston, Perez Hilton Goes Back in Time

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By Daniel Gates



Jennifer Aniston Wants To Be A Bond Girl!” roars a characteristically oblivious Perez Hilton.

According to the “LOL”-ing blogger, the actress “is now making a desperate plea to be the next Bond girl.” He quotes her as saying, “I would love to do an action movie. James Bond, glamour and Daniel Craig… [loads] of fun!”

Gossip Cop thought those words looked familiar.

Maybe because Aniston reportedly said them a year ago.

That’s right. She mentioned the Bond stuff in British Elle — flippantly — in March 2009, around the same time Angelina Jolie was also (wrongly) tied to Bond girl rumors.

And it’s not as though Perez got caught reading a site that was just recycling old news. He links to an item from October 28!

So Perez sees something dated October 2009, itself based on a non-story from seven months earlier, rewrites it, and then claims Aniston is “now making a desperate plea.”

That is what he desperately deems “news”?

Gossip Cop knows Perez’s kindergarten teacher did a great job helping him learn to “cut and paste,” but we wish he’d spent more time learning to tell time.

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