WATCH: Dennis Quaid Fake Meltdown Revealed To Be Funny or Die Video

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Dennis Quaid Funny Or Die

By Daniel Gates


Dennis Quaid Funny Or Die

(Funny Or Die)

The “leaked” Dennis Quaid meltdown clip that felt an awful lot like a prank for a place like Funny Or Die has indeed turned out to be a mildly amusing Funny Or Die video. The truth was revealed on Wednesday. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, as soon as the footage of Quaid having an on-set freakout surfaced on Tuesday, there were immediate suspicions that the whole thing was staged. Sure enough, Funny Or Die posted the bit on Wednesday.

We see Quaid trying to film a very serious scene and getting annoying advice from the director. Finally, he snaps. The joke is that everything we heard Quaid yelling about in the “leaked” clip is literally there on the set with him.

When he screams about “Dopey the D*ck,” he’s referring to a guy in an actual penis costume, whispering in the director’s ear while Quaid’s trying to do his job. The “zombies” Quaid refers to are people in zombie costumes, standing off to the side. When Quaid screams about a baby, he’s pointing at an actual infant. He steps in a pile of manure (“horse sh*t”), and when he says “blow me,” he’s asking a hair stylist to blow-dry him. So there you have it. Watch the video below.

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