Denise Richards “Hush Money” Claim Is Worthless

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Denise Richards Hush Money

By Michael Lewittes

Denise Richards Hush Money

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Denise Richards Stays Mum While Charlie Sheen Torpedos His Truth,” reads a headline on E!, which claims Richards is staying silent about her ex’s antics in an effort to ensure he keeps paying child support for their two daughters. According to E!, before Sheen was fired from “Two and a Half Men,” Richards simply used her ex-husband’s escapades “to help milk her own TV appearances.” But now that he’s out of work, contends the site, she’s staying mum for fear that he’ll cut her off.

E! writes that Richards “is making extra efforts to ensure that regular ‘n’ hefty child-support check (not to mention a few other ones) continues to make its way into her bank account.” The site, however, is a little off-base.

Firstly, Richards was mum on Sheen’s antics long before he was fired from his hit show, and certainly didn’t use him to “milk” press for herself. In fact, after Sheen imploded naked and drunk at the Plaza Hotel, Richards upheld her TV commitments to promote “Blue Mountain State” the very next day, and completely refrained from commenting on his meltdown.

Secondly, Gossip Cop knows that after Richards and Sheen split – due to California’s community property law and his big-time residuals from syndication – the Wild Things star doesn’t need any so-called “hush” money. Lastly, child support is not like spousal support. It’s court-mandated, and if a father fails to pay it, he can be arrested and even go to jail.

As Richards herself just tweeted at E!, “4 the record child support is just that. Its not ‘hush’ money, I get it if I open my mouth or not. I am not paid to be quiet!” The reason, as Gossip Cop has learned, that Richards has remained mum for years is that she’s the mom of his daughters.

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