Demi Moore “Suicide Shocker!” Allegation Is In Poor Taste and Totally Wrong

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(National Enquirer)

By Daniel Gates

(National Enquirer)

The National Enquirer runs a particularly heinous cover story this week, alleging that Demi Moore is suicidal over her “crumbled marriage” to Ashton Kutcher.

According to the magazine, “humiliation” over Kutcher’s “secret double life” (meaning his reported affair with Sara Leal) has supposedly pushed Moore to the brink of self-harm and possibly even suicide. What’s more, the mere fact that Kutcher and Moore have not split is somehow evidence of the Enquirer‘s premise.

“I think the bottom line was Ashton couldn’t leave Demi because he was afraid she was so vulnerable and close to the edge that she’d kill herself,” a “close family friend” tells the tabloid. The Enquirer source adds, “I sense Ashton’s worried she might deliberately harm herself because she just can’t handle what’s going on in her life… [her] mental state seems so fragile.”

So where are the actual specifics about Moore’s allegedly “fragile” mental state? There aren’t any. Instead, the Enquirer mentions her family’s history of suicide and suicide attempts, trying to make it seem as though she’s a time bomb just waiting to explode.

But the magazine knows it can’t support the dangerous “Suicide Shocker!” claim on its cover, so the Enquirer spends much of the actual article covering its behind. “Demi continues to move forward,” says the story, claiming that ex-husband Bruce Willis has been there for support and alleging that she’s been attending 12-step program meetings.

In other words, the Enquirer wants everyone to believe that Moore is on the brink of suicide… except she may pull through with the help of rehab. This is just another example of a tabloid using the grossest sensationalism to sell magazines without consideration for Moore’s actual health or her marriage’s actual status. A source close to the actress tells Gossip Cop the “Suicide Shocker!”

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