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Demi Moore Fights Back at Pervy Perez Hilton’s “Child Pornography”

Truth rating: 10

By Daniel Gates



Demi Moore has had it with Perez Hilton – and rightfully so.

The blogger has crossed the line with highly inappropriate posts and tweets about Moore’s daughter, Tallulah Willis, who is 15 years old – that’s right a minor.

One of Hilton’s prior offenses includes him tweeting out a paparazzi photo of Tallulah’s partially exposed breasts and calling her a “slut.”

In another photo of Tallulah hugging her dad Bruce Willis, the young girl’s jean shorts inadvertently rode up a little to barely reveal a part of her behind. Pervy Perez’s response? He drew attention to her rear end, crudely labeling it “ASS.”

The only “ass” here is Hilton.

Moore has just tweeted, “Let me ask all of you, what is it called when someone is telling people to look and focus on a child’s “boobs & ass” while providing photos?” And she correctly noted: “This is not a game . Children should not be exploited. They must be protected. She adds that Hilton “isn’t taking violating child pornography laws very seriously.”

In the past, Hilton has also reported that Tallulah frequents nightclubs. He’s dead wrong about that, the same way he was dead wrong about Fidel Castro dying, and scores of other “scoops.” Hilton, who often mistakes fiction for fact, has in the past mistaken Tallulah for her older sister Scout, who is off to Brown University.

A rep for Moore tells Gossip Cop, “Demi feels that she, Ashton, Bruce and now [21-year-old] Rumer are fair game for him to pick on but her 15 year old daughter is off limits legally as a minor.” Moore’s spokesman also says that his client is tired of Hilton “being super mean to her kids and she draws the line with him promoting people to look at photos where her minor daughter is sexualized.”

Gossip Cop is on Team Demi.


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