CLAIM: Demi Moore Harassing Ashton Kutcher with Constant Phone Calls

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By Daniel Gates



According to Star magazine, “Mila Kunis has a message for Demi Moore: Stop calling Ashton [Kutcher]!”

The tabloid claims Moore is “constantly harassing” Kutcher and quotes a so-called “insider” as saying that Kunis is “fed up with Demi’s endless phone calls.” Moore supposedly dials Kutcher “incessantly,” purportedly driving Kunis crazy.

Star reports, “It’s gotten so bad that Mila has laid down the law with her new beau: One call from Demi per night, then the phone gets turned off.” The alleged new “rule” is in response to Moore supposedly going into “overdrive” when reports began to emerge of a possible Kunis-Kutcher romance. According to the magazine, “Ashton was constantly interrupting his time with Mila to speak with his ex, but five minutes later Demi would think of a reason to ring right back.”

But it sounds like this supposed campaign of phone harassment is actually just more of Star’s continuing campaign of misinformation about Moore. The tabloid already wrongly claimed back in April that the actress was heading for a relapse, shortly after falsely reporting that Moore had enlisted Oprah Winfrey as a “life coach.” This latest story is just more of the same sensationalistic reporting. A source close to Moore tells Gossip Cop the tale of her harassing Kutcher with endless phone calls is “definitely not true.”

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