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Demi Lovato “Blame” Game Should End

By Daniel Gates


The tabloids served up a ton of Demi Lovato stories today in the wake of her recent decision to enter treatment for “emotional and physical” issues.

Outlets wasted no time jumping on Lovato and mining her personal life for the events that troubled her.

One of the biggest sources of “blame,” according to OK! magazine and others, was the end of Lovato’s relationship with Joe Jonas last spring. After ending things with Lovato, Jonas began a romance over the summer with Ashley Greene.

An OK! “insider” is quoted as saying, “Demi’s been a mess. The breakup with Joe just wrecked her.”

Another so-called “source” alleges that “the energy between them was tense” on their joint Camp Rock 2 appearances, and the tab says Lovato responded to the pressure by cutting herself and slipping into an eating disorder.

Meanwhile, Life & Style insists “it was drugs” that derailed Lovato, explaining that her “heavy drinking” and “drug use” were a way for the starlet to cope with the “enormous strain of childhood fame.”

Gossip Cop has pointed out already that a lot of the speculation surrounding Lovato is just plain wrong, and we hope outlets will be cautious before assigning “blame.”

It seems particularly nasty to treat Joe Jonas as the reason for Lovato’s trouble.

More credible accounts explain that the actress-singer’s issues stretch back years, long before her (brief) romance with Jonas. And to blame him for causing Lovato’s very serious self-harm seems like a big, unjustifiable leap.

A source close to Jonas tells Gossip Cop that it’s “not true” that the new Jonas-Greene relationship played havoc with Lovato’s emotional state, and that there simply weren’t issues between the two women.

Jonas himself was “nothing but a gentleman” to Lovato in recent months, adds the source, who also reasonably points out that his numbers with Lovato would have been removed from their concerts had there been actual issues between them.

The point is this: We’re dealing with young performers, and to treat their spring fling as the source of some very serious trauma is unfair both to Jonas and Lovato.

And as to Life & Style‘s flat “It was drugs” allegation, Lovato’s rep tells Gossip Cop that she is “not in treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.”

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