TAB: Demi Lovato “Headed for Trouble”

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By Michael Lewittes

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“Demi: Headed for Trouble?” asks the often troubling In Touch. The tab writes, “Instead of seeing Lindsay Lohan as a cautionary tale, Demi Lovato may tragically follow in her footsteps.”

Anyway, In Touch reports, “Demi has been hitting the scene hard in recent weeks. At the HTC Status Social Launch in LA on July 19, she flirted with Glee star Darren Criss while her friends drank nearby.” Wait… She’s been “hitting the scene hard” because she attended an event? And what effect on her well-being does it have that her “friends drank nearby”?

Grasping for straws, In Touch goes on to imply Lovato’s also “headed for trouble” because she’s dating Ryan Phillippe, who’s twice her age. They’re not even dating. Still, the tabloid wastes more magazine space by claiming, “Now people close to her are worried.” Worried that she went to an event? Worried that her friends drank? Worried about a non-existent relationship with Phillippe? The whole premise of the article is absurd.

In Touch then says Lovato is planning “her 19th birthday in Las Vegas — not exactly the best place to quietly focus on recovery.” Not exactly accurate either. Sources confirm to Gossip Cop that Lovato is not having a birthday party in Vegas. A rep for Lovato tells us, “The story is completely untrue and we told them exactly that. Demi has not been out partying. On the contrary, she’s been totally focused on her music and the album she has coming out this fall.” Lovato’s first single, “Skyscraper,” recently debuted at #1 on iTunes.

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