Demi Lovato Attacked By Paparazzi “Bullies” At Logo ‘Trailblazers’ Event

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By Michael Lewittes


(Getty Images)

A slew of nasty paparazzi caused Demi Lovato to cut short her time with fans after Logo’s “Trailblazers” event, which taped in New York on Monday.

The singer tweeted, “When are paparazzi gonna learn? If you’re respectful to me, I’ll be respectful back. Why does it have to be a war of celebs against paps?”

She then followed up that spot-on-sentiment by noting, “Of course if you yell horrible things, I’m not gonna work with you. I’ll pose if you are respectful and not being bullies.”

“I wanted to stop for my fans today/tonight really bad because I love you so much but I can’t deal with how mean those paps are,” wrote an apologetic Lovato, adding, “I always try to stop because I appreciate every single one of you, so if I don’t get to you please know I’m sorry and I love you.”

Lovato rightfully concluded after leaving that “sometimes staying strong means not putting yourself in uncomfortable or triggering situations.”

Earlier on Monday, Gossip Cop reported about another incident with the paparazzi that resulted in a photographer being arrested.

What do you think of Lovato’s run-in with the paps and how she handled it?

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