Demi Lovato Opens Up About Bipolar Disorder and Oscar Dreams

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Demi Lovato Cosmpolitan for Latinas

By Michael Lewittes

Demi Lovato Cosmopolitan Latinas

(Cosmpolitan for Latinas)

Demi Lovato covers the summer issue of Cosmpolitan for Latinas, and she opens up about her alcohol and drug-filled past, her bipolar disorder, and how she feels sexy.

Lovato, who was named “Fun, Fearless Latina of the Year” by the magazine, has come a long way from the sadness she experienced while working as a child actor on “Barney and Friends.”

Lovato remembers feeling “that loneliness you get when you’re sad and it’s the middle of the night, and even though you have family and friends to call, it’s hard to pick up the phone.”

As she got older and turned to partying, Lovato says, “I was used
 to drinking and doing drugs on my birthday. I always imagined my 21st being a huge party where I’d get sh*t-faced and go crazy.”

The star, who instead marked that milestone during a charity trip to Kenya last year, has since “realized that there’s so much more to life than that. Imagine walking 10 miles a day just to get water for your family? We have so much to be grateful for.”

In addition to moving beyond drinking and drugs, Lovato has learned to manage her bipolar disorder.

“It’s a daily thing. I treat it with medication. Not everybody does that, but for me it works. That’s what works for me — medicating, checking in with people, being honest, and being grateful for things,” she says.

Lovato, who has struggled with body issues as well, shares that, “I feel sexiest when I’m comfortable — this means when I’m in my element onstage, and also when I’m wearing a T-shirt, jeans, my leather jacket, and no makeup!”

What does she want in the future?

“I’m very proud of how far I’ve come, but I definitely want to win a Grammy one day, and I dream of winning an Oscar,” says Lovato. “I want to continue to tour and build my fan base and make music that will last for decades.”

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